How Do Stock Promoters Raise Money and Increase the Market Cap for Your Company?

It takes an incredible amount of effort, dedication, and persistence to move your company from a general success to a thriving business. Most of that is in your control – you can work hard, pitch your company, and market yourself with the best tactics in the business. But what will really put your company over the edge and make it flourish? Exposure. The key is to get your company in front of as many investors as possible! Get big investors interested in you and the sky is the limit!

What Will A Stock Promoter Do For Me?

Basically, stock promoters give you that ever-so-coveted, yet elusive exposure every business owner strives for. They will put your company out there in front of millions of investors. Making huge volume of potential investors aware of your company and what you do. With volume like that, your company can sell stock shares and raise its capital! In turn, you can use that capital to take your business to new heights and do things with your company that you otherwise couldn’t afford to do! The number of public companies is growing every day, and attracting the investors your company deserves can be difficult. A stock promoter like CL King can open your company up to investment opportunities and help you turn those investment dollars into working capital!

So, How Do They Do It?

Stock Promoters have a very specific, and proven successful method they use to promote your company.

  • They will use a Professional Research Report to showcase all of your key company aspects. This incredibly beneficial report is put in front of hundreds of thousands of subscribers!!
  • You also get unlimited company news releases that will be sent to those same subscribers. Allowing you to have unlimited and constant exposure.
  • The key is to not only get the investors’ attention, but to grab and hold it! You don’t want them to see your company and keep moving. You want to captivate them and impress them. A stock promoter will link your company’s investment opinions with other successful companies (large and small), giving your company almost instant exposure and volume.

What Should I Look For?

When seeking the right stock promoter for you, there are a few thing things that you should find out first. One promoter is not as good as the next. Do your homework.

  • Find out how well they are doing for themselves. How many hits does their website get a day? If they are not successful, you will not be successful using them.
  • Do they have a large volume of active subscribers? They can’t expose you to hundreds of thousands of investors if they don’t have hundreds of thousands of investors using their services to find companies such as yourself. Again, your success will be on par with their own.
  • Social Networking is an increasingly valuable tool for any company owner. A nice feature you will benefit from is chat rooms, message forums, and blogs. These elements put you that much closer to your investor.
  • Find out what kinds of success they have had with companies similar to your own.

For more details you can consult with us at CL King & Associates.

CL King is Uncovering Hidden Investment Opportunities Since 1972. We provide investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.

Also C.L. King’s annual Best Ideas Conference is held every September in New York City, bringing together company managements from covered (and uncovered) companies and investors for presentations and one-on-one or group meetings.

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Careers in Finance – C.L. King & Associates

The finance industry is concerned with how individuals and institutions handle their financial resources — how they raise their money, where they allocate it and how they use it — and assesses the risks involved in these activities as well as recommends ways to manage these risks.

There are a number of exciting and rewarding jobs in the field of finance. What follows are just a few examples.

The commercial banking sector employs more people than any other facet of the financial services industry. Banks offer individuals the opportunity to interact with a broad spectrum of people and the chance to develop a clientele. People in banking usually start out as tellers and shift to other bank services such as leasing, credit card banking, trade credit and international finance.

As the name indicates, a career in corporate finance means you will work in a corporation and are mainly concerned with sourcing money for the company — money that will be used to develop the business, make acquisitions and ensure the company’s future. In a corporation, you are likely to start as a financial officer.

As a financial planner, you may also work for a corporation but will mainly be concerned with only one aspect of finances — planning for the future. You have to have a firm grasp of investments, estate planning as well as taxes. Or you may serve as a consultant who provides financial planning for individuals, e.g., planning their retirement needs or how they can put their kids through college.

With annual revenues surpassing the trillion-dollar mark, the insurance industry looms as one of the most attractive areas for a career in finance. In 2005, there were an estimated 2.5 million people in the US who were employed in the insurance field, which is mainly considered with the business of managing risk and anticipating problem areas. Possible jobs in insurance include working as an underwriter, sales representative, customer service rep, asset manager or an actuary.

A career in investment banking means you will be concerned with issuing securing and helping investors buy, manage or trade financial assets.

C.L. King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972. At C.L. King & Associates, we enjoy a strong sense of pride and teamwork. Committed to professional development, C.L. King nourishes the strength of its dedicated team members.

Recent MBA graduates or MBA candidates looking for internship opportunities in financial services can submit their resume to

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Wealth Management Solutions-Options Abound!

Wealth management is a difficult concept to grasp for many people, especially in terms of investment and savings for the future. With options like stocks, bonds, 401K’s, 529’s, and more, choosing the right wealth management option can be tough at best and impossibly confusing in many circumstances. That’s why there are wealth management firms like CL King who are experts in these services and exist solely to help guide high net worth individuals through the aches and pains of wealth management and private banking, as well as educating people on where to put their money and how each investment will help their finances grow.

Private Banking

If you are interested in learning more about the various ways to invest your money or plan for retirement, you should perhaps look into private banking options.  In private banking, you have a direct account manager that you can contact any time with any questions regarding your account and how your assets are being handled.  There are many options for investment through private banking, and most are fairly simple to understand, making this a preferred option for many individuals who are unfamiliar with wealth management.

Wealth Management Services

For those who don’t quite understand the concept, wealth management services are available from a number of avenues to assist in the determination of how to handle finances. Wealth management means more than sticking to a budget; it also means planning for the future, and various institutions can assist in teaching individuals how to manage their money, as well as in providing complete wealth management services.

Wealth Management Firms

Have you considered a wealth management firm?  You’ve spoken to private bankers and don’t like the options they provide for wealth management.  You aren’t a fan of computers, so you don’t want to invest in wealth management software.  However, you need a customized solution for your assets to build at a greater rate, and you have no idea where to invest.  Wealth management firms are built on the basis of helping you to follow the right avenue.  With a personal adviser, you’ll be able to configure your investment options to achieve your specific goals with as much or as little input as you feel is necessary.

Wealth Management Software

You may also consider the benefits of wealth management software.  Many people have a hard time managing their finances enough to plan from paycheck to paycheck, much less to have a goal for the future.  When it comes to wealth management, most people are completely flustered by the thought of having a budget that considers not only the groceries to buy tomorrow, but also the ones you’ll need to buy after retirement in 40 years.  Wealth management software is a helpful tool in building your financial plans so that you can feel comfortable with your current lifestyle, are assured that you’ll have the assets you need in the future, and can fulfill some of your dreams in the interim.



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CL King’s Financial Services Help Manage Money

When it comes to managing money many times it is best left up to the professionals and financial services that are knowledgeable and experienced such as C.L. King & Associates. Financial services include a whole range of services, so if you need some form of financial services to help you with your money management, banking, assets, and the like you will certainly be able to find the assistance you need through financial services firms. The following financial services are just an overview of the different financial services you can choose from and that are offered by C.L. King.

Financial Services #1 Wealth Management

Frequently individuals who are wealthy need financial services in order to manage their money and stay wealthy. Many wealthy individuals who do not use financial services for wealth management see their money slipping out the window. However, those who use wealth management financial services not only maintain their wealth and enjoy it, but also see it increase.

Financial Services #2 Investment Banking

Investment banking is another offering of financial services that many individuals enjoy. This is because investment banking financial services focus on creating capital through client investments.

Financial Services #3 Asset Management

Financial services offer asset management for individuals who cannot or prefer not to manage their own assets in the form of cash, property, bonds, and stocks. Fortunately, financial services are able to handle asset management competently.

Financial Services #4 Business Banking Services

Business banking financial services are also an option for businesses that need help in managing accounts, income, payments, loans, and any other types of financial services needed. Business banking services are a very important part of the financial services sector.

If you are interested in financial services helping you manage your wealth, assets, make investments for you, or manage your business banking, and then you should contact C.L. King & Associates financial services provider

The firm provides investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.

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A Guide to Land Banking by CL King

Land banking is a relatively new investment concept that allows smaller investors to own a piece of valuable land.

How does land banking work?

When large parcels of land are put up for sale, they are usually far too expensive for a single small investor. Land that’s in a good place for residential or business development is usually either bought by a land investment company or by a property developer. The owner then “banks” or holds onto the land until they are ready to sell it or develop it. During this time, they can parcel the land up into smaller, much more affordable section and sell these sections to private investors. Each investor holds the freehold to their land, and can sell at any time, although the best profits are usually realized when planning permission is granted for the site.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the land to small investors will depend upon the type of land, the potential for development and the size of the land. For as little as £5,000, investors can buy a good-sized piece of land in a prestigious location. You can, of course, choose to spend much more, and the land parcels are often graduated in size to accommodate a range of investors.


Is it complicated to buy?

Land is easier to buy than property. It is still a legal contract, though, so it’s worth getting it checked by your solicitor. The straightforward nature of the purchase means that it can often be completed within 28 days.


Can I sell it?

In most, if not all cases, when you buy the land, you also acquire the freehold. This means that you can sell the land on at any time. Most people hold on to their property for between 2-8 years, to realize profits from the development of the site, but you can sell whenever you want or need to.


Where do I start?

If you’re interested in land investment, then talk to a land agent. They will have a variety of sites on their books and have the experience and expertise to guide and advise you throughout the process.


If you have any query you can ask our experts at C.L. King & Associates
C.L. King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972. We co-manage bond offerings, IPOs, follow-ons, secondaries, convertibles, and preferred.
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Stock Market Timing Advice and Strategy by CL King

In the case of stock market investment, timing is crucial. The only real decision that exists for any profitable stock market investor is always to target for the perfect timing for most gains and less losses.


Firms issue their stocks to get funds and make investment the business. Stocks are offered to people in order that they can purchase as well as sell them. The value of stock relies on the availability and requirement involved, much related to the expense of another item.


Engaging in the business of stock market buying and selling regularly yields more huge gains to traders versus getting into an regular stock enterprise. You will discover an amazing array of stocks to select from when any trader embarks upon trading the stocks. Amongst lots of registered stocks, you will discover a moving stock out there.


People who unwisely continuing into the market are sure to come up with undesirable performance. Massive losses could possibly be incurred in case the stock market trend isn’t correctly predicted. However, little profits are irritating to the reason of trading in the market and getting more money. Inexperienced stock traders could finish up waiting around for any significant instant which may not ever come.

The following are few stock market timing advice as well as strategy suggested by the experts at C.L. King & Associates


Timing The Market

Traders utilize market timing to predict at what time the markets may switch its path. Through the use of market timing, traders look for to keep away from the harmful effects of bad stock trading. While by utilizing market timing, it can be instantly assumed and the vital spot is usually predicted prior time. By studying relevant economic data and the value, the craze of the stock market is predicted to give confidence for more rewarding stock trading.


Getting The Perfect Timing

The goal of the people who are looking to achieve success at stock investment is to get the perfect market timing. The steadiness of this trend prediction is focus on many different aspects. As market timing seems like a specific method in making huge profits, it’s not without critical effort. Honest effort is necessary relating persistence in understanding different market aspects as well as ongoing attempt to stay educated relating to present stock market trends. Simple speculations have to be avoided. Speculating is really a dangerous move utilized whenever a market trader has not made the right research.


Sometimes traders buy stocks according to a hot a suggestion they received from somebody else. Unluckily, the majority of those hot recommendations finally end up being fake because they are likely to be offered by parties with their very own vested interests.


To get efficient market timing, traders have to obtain actively involved in study regarding the company’s history therefore they could compute the craze through charting the movement of price of a stock. The price of a stock should be analyzed to create a fairly correct prediction regarding the stock market trend. By utilizing this practice, traders build standards for at what time to buy as well as at what time to sell therefore they could precisely time their stock investments.


C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. We identify opportunities for superior investment returns by discovering overlooked and underfollowed small- to mid-capitalization stocks within select industry sectors, while providing differentiated and comprehensive intelligence.
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How Advisory Companies Help in Smooth Business Mergers?

The rising number of companies dealing in the same products and services has led to a tough competition amongst the same players. To put an end to such a scenario company mergers have emerged as a favorable and profitable trend. This process however isn’t as easy as it looks, endless paperwork, process analysis, public announcements, and many more formalities need to be completed successfully only after which the merger can be termed as an official one. This responsibility is taken by companies who are expert in handling corporate acquisitions; bid defense, shareholder reorganization etc. Their involvement in mergers is a must as without them many things will not be possible.


So what exactly do third-party companies do in business mergers? Below listed are a few of the numerous functions they take the responsibility of.


Advisory services: When company mergers take place the companies involved want to take calculated and wise steps. Hence they seek advisory help from experts who can suggest them the right ways of doing so. For instance a company would want to know which other competitor can it merge or acquire so that its business prospers. Not just this even the past history, financial stability of the company and its market reputation needs to look into. Expert advisory companies take charge of all these crucial tasks and do all the research work for their clients and find them the best options they can invest in and benefit from them in the long run.


Stake sales: When two companies merge the newly formed organization needs share holders because of whom the company can be jointly owned and funds pooled in. The IPO announcement needs to be made and the funds need to be collected through it as well. Investment advisories can take charge of this as well. They carry out the entire formalities and the process in order leaving nothing to worry about.


Business restructuring: When business mergers happen there is a need to completely restructure the newly formed company. This is necessary as two different organizations function differently but once they collide and carry out their business as one team, they need to follow some common norms and the entire process needs to be restructured. Such tasks are complex as they require a thorough understanding of business and the way the two independent companies carried out the functions. The restructuring has to be done in a way that none of the two parties need to compromise on too many aspects and the changes that are implemented are towards a healthy and profitable relationship.


The role play of financial advisory companies is tremendous in case of company mergers and thus companies need to be sure they are approaching a reliable third-party.


C.L. King takes a rigorous approach to financial advisory and M&A assignments based on years of experience, the latest finance theory, and comprehensive valuation insights gained from being an active broker-dealer in securities markets. In addition to valuation, our team provides financial and strategic analysis to identify key transaction partners and the right deal structure.

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CL King Tips for Investing in High Yield Bond Mutual Funds

High yield bond mutual funds are gaining importance these days due to their ability to offer attractive returns and strong diversification benefits. The investment case is also supported by the fact that many investors have suffered huge losses by direct stock investing while these mutual funds have generated equity-like returns with relatively lower volatility.

Although, the name suggests that it primarily invests in bonds rated below investment grade (a.k.a junk bonds), the portfolio risk is minimized because these funds hold a wide range of such securities. Moreover, high yield mutual funds provide better returns than most other conventional bond mutual funds. One other important investment consideration is the lower susceptibility of these funds to interest rate fluctuations compared to investment grade securities, as the former has higher yields compared to the latter. Simply put, prices of high yield bond funds tend to be more sensitive to changes in their issuers’ financial outlooks than to changes in interest rates and therefore can act as a natural hedge against interest rate risk.

Generally, high yield bond mutual fund offers returns equivalent to direct stock investment. These mutual funds are managed by experienced fund managers who have a vast experience in the capital markets. If mutual fund investments are done for a longer term basis, one can get exceptional returns, far more than what can be obtained by just keeping money in the bank.

Investors can invest in a variety of high yield bond funds that are available in the market. Some of the common themes of investments include – 1) high risk – high – return 2) low risk – low return, and 3) the medium risk – medium return. Interestingly, even low risk – low return funds have potential to general substantial return on investments. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of these investments is that lower interest rates do not always result in higher prices of the HY bonds.

Basic steps to follow

Although, investing in high yield bond mutual funds is not very common with individual investors, the steps that need to be followed while investing do not differ much compared to the traditional mutual fund investing.

Investors need to go to the office of the mutual fund provider and meet with investment managers. The manager typically explains the advantages and disadvantages of every fund. Investors and managers can finalize the investment policy statement as per risk appetite and return objectives on investors.

The final stage is security selection. Investors can select a few funds and invest in a fund, which has a good reputation in the market and has given consistent returns to investors over a time.

One important consideration for investors is to remember that these investments are affected by market risks. It is a common phenomenon that investors may see volatility in the investment value and might see negative returns on their investments in the near term. That said, as market conditions improve, these funds rise in value notably.

As an active fixed income underwriter, C.L. King co-manages the issuance of investment grade bonds, high yield bonds and $25 par value retail bonds and preferred. Our peer-leading capital base, proven fixed income sales and trading platform, and long-standing distribution capabilities into retail broker-dealers and mid-tier bond investors allows us to handle large underwriting commitments.

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When to Use Fixed Income Investments? Ask C.L. King

Whether one is living in difficult or robust economic times, it is always important to have an investment strategy that includes relatively safe investments. One form of investment is known as Fixed Income Investments.

Fixed income investment refers to any type of investment that generates an average return. Investors loan their money to a government body, corporation, or financial institution and receive interest on a regular basis. Although the rate of return may not be high, there is comfort knowing the risk is minimal. If a person is seeking to invest their money where there is not a high risk, fixed income investments are usually the solution.


The term fixed-income investment include such investments as bank notes, mutual funds, mortgage backed securities, retirement investments such as GICs, T-Bills, as well as government and corporate bonds, and other forms of securities. While the principal and return are not fail-safe, these fixed-income funds offer the chance for a higher return. They are popular for those planning on retiring in the near future.


GICs are a popular choice as a fixed income investment. The interest and principal are insured to a certain degree so your money is for the most part protected. Fixed-income mutual funds are a good choice for wary investors as they provide the opportunity to predict income over a set period of time. This is handy for budgeting purposes, so people can plan for retirement.


Many prudent investors acquire bonds as a fixed income investment. They generally pay out twice a year or on a monthly basis. Bonds are a tax-free investment income. Such bonds can be federal, state, or local municipality bonds.


Certificates of Deposit allow people to earn interest on their investment without any real risk of loss. It is much like putting money in an insured bank investment for a fixed period of time. It will earn a preset interest rate for a fixed time period. After the time expires, the certificate matures and the investor can cash in the certificate. They will receive their initial investment plus any interest earned.


Savings Bonds pay a fixed interest rate that is delayed until the bond is redeemed or for 30 years. The rate is based on the interest rate at the time of purchase. The interest paid is adjusted for inflation.


If you are about to retire and are in need of an investment with low risk, fixed income solutions can be the right choice. Investment portfolios will benefit by having a safe and secure stock. By combining investments that are affected differently by economic events, investment risk is reduced. These investments are often chosen during periods of market instability. Fixed investments can fluctuate with market conditions. If you have to sell them prior to maturity, you will usually receive a penalty fee.


Fixed Income Investments are a sound choice for cautious investors and those seeking a safe investment for retirement. Most fixed-income investments also provide a foreseeable flow of income. This can be an advantage for those on a pension or social security.


C.L. King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972.
C.L. King Fixed Income Group is comprised of 26 sales and trading professionals. Our veteran staff specializes in diverse markets within the fixed income universe, each bringing an abundance of knowledge and experience in their respective product areas.


Our main product lines include U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agency debentures, high yield, convertible, and investment grade corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds, certificates of deposit and preferred stocks. While the bulk of our trading volume transpires in the secondary markets, we are also an active underwriter of corporate bonds and in the competitive municipal market as well as an approved underwriter of FNMA debt. Our offerings can be viewed on a Bloomberg Offering menu accessed by keying CLKA.

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Small Capital Investing

With regards to day trading for beginners, a bit of caution and instruction go a significant way. When many people begin making trades on-line they generally have taken a substantial period of time scratching together a small capital to invest on the marketplace. Quite often individuals have made significant sacrifices to be able to raise money to invest. Then they’ve this misfortune of going into the market and losing a major chunk of their first bet with their first few trades. This is not necessarily true: day trading for beginners could be performed on the cheap. At the introduction we talked about the investor working very hard and saving money to invest.


A prudent person would spend a bit of time and cash familiarizing themselves with the a variety of investments offered and try to produce the best selections potential. A lot of people do try to do that themselves and feel safe when they click the mouse to create that first trade. These same traders quickly determine that they were horribly wrong. The truth is that while many novice investors have read a few books or articles on the stock market, more often than not the equities \/ stock market is the last place the beginner must put their money. This is particularly true when speaking about day trading for beginners.


The stock exchange is the realm of exceptionally capitalized, exceptionally sophisticated investors and associations. Is that actually the place for a little bet player to be learning the ropes? The simple reality is this stocks are where the most costly lessons are taught. The first lesson for beginners course in any day trading should be that there are numerous other locations to trade and earn money, and most of them offer better potential results than equities. Face it, day trading for newbies is a learning experience first.


Does that mean a novice need to read dozens of books on the subject before opening an account and placing trades? Not necessarily, but a little research on the web will expose the newcomer to numerous alternative investments that are profitable at lower capital commitment levels – and that is key for novice traders.


Consult with C.L. King & Associates for more details.
C.L. King provides investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions. In addition, we transact directly in the capital markets on behalf of corporations through our Corporate Services business focused on share repurchase and continuous share offerings (“ATMs”). CL King is also a leading woman-owned securities firm and is WBENC-certified.
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